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Covid-19 Information

Updated September 5, 2022

As everyone is aware of by now, Covid-19 has had a significant impact on individuals, businesses and livelihoods everywhere. While recognizing the seriousness of the pandemic, we also realize that dog training is a foundational part of pet ownership. Dog adoption and ownership saw a steady increase over the past couple of years as more people worked from home and saw the opportunity to bring dogs into their lives. Dog training can help this transition be a positive one for everyone, and in some cases can even mean the difference between a dog staying in its home or being surrendered back to a shelter. Little Brown Dog Training Co. aims to continue to provide safe and quality services to our clients throughout this trying time. We are actively monitoring the ongoing pandemic as it moves to endemic status and we aim to keep up with whatever the recommendations for best practice may be. 

Little Brown Dog Training Co. recognizes the rights of each individual to choose, while also maintaining awareness that we need to follow the government-held guidelines in order to keep classes running and keep all of our students safe. Currently, there are no government held guidelines for group classes held indoors. Therefore, masking in our classroom is no longer required however if you feel more comfortable wearing a mask you are encouraged to do so. 

Little Brown Dog Training Co. maintains a high standard of cleanliness that keeps everyone safe. Some current protocols we already have in place in the classroom and will continue to employ include:

    • Instructors and volunteers have hand sanitizer which is used in between handling and after contact with high traffic touch points

    • Whenever possible, instructors will have students hold the leash of their own dog, and do any demonstrations with the dog without handling the leash directly

    • Instructors/volunteers will sanitize hands before and after handing the leash of the dog if necessary to do a demonstration involving a movement exercise

    • Sanitizing all high traffic touch points before and after class including doorknobs and gates 

    • Sanitizing all chairs before and after class

    • Classroom floor is swept and mopped after each class

    • Due to the nature of group classes, chairs and stations are always set a minimum of 6 ft apart (usually 10ft or more)

    • Classes are limited to 6 dogs per session, with a maximum of two handlers per dog (may be reduced to one if necessary)

    • Our instructors and volunteers are all fully vaccinated and instructed not to come if they feel ill

    • Our classes are held in a small privately owned daycare, meaning minimal human traffic during daytime hours.

Group Classes 


As of February 8, 2022, the goverment elected to remove the REP (Restrictions Exemption Program) that mandated that anyone using certain non-essential services would need to provide proof of vaccination, a negative rapid test, or a medical exemption prior to receiving those services. We have decided to follow their guidelines and will continue to monitor the changing situation however in the meantime, covid-19 vaccinations are no longer mandatory in order to attend classes. Masking is no longer required in the classroom.

We strive to keep our classes safe, and make the experience enjoyable for dogs and both humans alike. We are constantly coming up with new solutions to adjust to the changes. In the case that classes must be postponed due to government restrictions, we aim to contact students as soon as possible and we will reschedule the class for when it is safe to resume. Please note that no make-up classes are offered if a class is missed by the student.

Private Consultations

Currently there are no government issued restrictions around private dog training or consultations. Therefore, Little Brown Dog Training Co. has opted to follow industry standards in conjunction with what we feel to be the safest and best practice. We are willing to work with clients with what they feel is safe, whether that means masking, having consults indoors or outdoors, and we want to ensure that every dog gets the training they need at the same quality and standard that they deserve. 

We want to thank you so much for your understanding and patience with us, and your constant support throughout the pandemic. Although it has been challenging, the situation inspires us to keep working for solutions and ways to keep everyone safe while still learning. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns on the above policies. Stay safe!

Little Brown Dog Training Co. 

Waiver and Training Policies

Waiver, Assumption of Risk, and Hold Harmless  Agreement 

I understand that dog training and interaction is not without risk to myself, members  of my family or guests who may participate, or my dog, as dogs may go through  times where they are difficult to control even when handled with the greatest of  care. I agree that I will abide by all safety rules and requests provided by Little  Brown Dog Training Co.’s representatives. I give Little Brown Dog Training Co.  permission to take my dog for veterinary care, should it be required, at their discretion. I agree to pay all resulting veterinary fees. 

I hereby waive all claims for damage and release and forever discharge Little Brown  Dog Training Co., their directors, officers, employees, assistants, volunteers and  representatives from any and all claims, damages, losses, or liabilities of any nature,  for injury or damage which I, my dog, or my guests may suffer in connection with my  participation in training services offered by Little Brown Dog Training Co., including  specifically, but not without limitation, any injury or damage resulting from the action of any dog, travel to and from training environments, and participation in a group class. I expressly assume the risk of such damage or injury when participating in any training session or other function. 

Refunds are not available for training services. Should you be unable to attend your program you may transfer into a future class at the discretion of Little Brown Dog Training Co. Transfers are considered on a case by case basis and fees may apply. Sorry, no make-up classes are offered at this time.  

Little Brown Dog Training Co. reserves the right to move in-person training lessons to our virtual platforms in accordance with COVID-19 guidelines, restrictions and lockdowns as recommended by the country, province and city. 

Little Brown Dog Training Co. reserves the right to change program start dates. By registering for group classes or private consultations, you acknowledge agreement to these terms. 

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