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One on One Training

Private Consultations

Specific challenges not able to be addressed in the classroom

Now accepting new clients! Please note that in person private consultations are not available to be booked until after July 10th however email, phone and virtual consultations are available.  

We discuss your dog's specific training challenges, your goals, and align them with a tailored training plan to suit your needs. 

Common issues addressed include leash reactivity, and fearfulness with people. 

Virtual Consultation

This is a great way to discuss your concerns, go over your goals and start safely with some groundwork before we begin our in person sessions. Virtual consultations are held via Zoom or other video calling software. Initial sessions are 60-90 minutes in length, include introductory training exercises and an in depth discussion of your dog's behaviour history. Note that in some cases such as dogs who are fearful with new people, a virtual consultation is required before moving to in person sessions so as to ensure a safe and stress-free first introduction when coming into your home. 

$90 (GST included)

In Person Consultation

A private one on one session with a certified trainer to go over specific behaviour concerns, have the trainer come to your home or yard and work on skills in real life settings. 

$140 (GST included)

Private Lesson Package

Highly recommended way to address a particular behaviour concern. Package includes one virtual consultation, a training plan, and two subsequent in person consultations as well as unlimited email and phone follow up during the package frame. This ensures you and your dog start off the plan on the right foot. This package is ideal for addressing concerns such as leash reactivity.

$315 (GST included)

Please note that while we do accept dogs with bite histories for private consultations, in some cases we may refer clients out to other trainers who specialize in certain behaviours. We are currently referring out for dog to dog aggression, higher level resource guarding and separation anxiety cases. 

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